Cerdanya is a wide open valley at an altitude of more than 1,000 metres, surrounded by mountains that almost reach the 3,000 metres. Due to its E-W orientation, the days here are bright and long. The Segre river collets the waters from these mountains and conducts them to Seu d’Urgell. One side of the river is influenced by the Atlantic climate; the other, by the Mediterranean and, as a result, it offers to us lots of different landscapes and varieties of flora and fauna.

The plain, full of cereal fields and pastures for horses and cows, is nice to go for a walk, run and ride a horse or a bicycle. When the mountains gain more and more incline the forests of red pines, black pines, oaks and fir trees offer springs, mushrooms, strawberries, wild boars, roe deer and magical paths. Beyond 2,000 metres of altitude the high mountain is soft and allows us to experience easy hikes but, at the same, there are vertical walls and thin crests for riskier adventures.

Cerdanya embraced the first tourists in the beginning of the 20th century, who fell in love with the countryside and longed for nature and adventures. Nowadays it keeps a ranching and farming spirit, and welcomes more travellers, who are offered a really wide range of activities in nature, the experience of the Romanesque and delicious mountain gastronomy.