Cerdanya rewards us with a great variety of mushrooms from spring to autumn!
The different kinds of soils and habitats let us pick varieties ranging from Scotch bonnets to penny buns.

Just around the country cottage you will be able to pick milk caps, red pine mushrooms, grey knights, woodwaxes and brown slimecaps in the red pine forests, where the fields and meadows end. There will be Saint George’s mushrooms in the fields next to the torrent (what a lot of hints!) if it is a wet spring, as well as some field mushrooms among the fields in front of the rural cottage in the beginning of summer. If you prefer to pick some Scotch bonnets you will have to go down to the fields in the plane! If your choice is penny buns, you will have to climb up the mountain and maybe look for the sun of the sunny spot.

… Finally, after a good stroll looking for mushrooms, you will only have to cook them to your taste! In the rural home we have books specialised in mycology for you to corroborate the accuracy of your findings and get some ideas to cook them.