The nature park of Cadí-Moixeró, established in 1983, is the Catalan protected area with a higher quantity of habitats and species of flora and fauna of European interest (30 per each case), according to the Habitats guideline of the European Union.

In the mountain range of the Cadí and the Moixeró there converge the Atlantic and the Mediterranean climates, from the low mountain (800 m) up to the high mountain (Canal Baridana hill, 2,648 m), what results in a great variety of habitats.

Consequently, it presents an outstanding diversity of flora species, such as red pines, black pines, beeches, oaks or holm oaks. It also has a very rich fauna: chamois, deer, lately wolves, golden eagles, bearded vultures, common vultures, Pyrenean owls, green lizards, Pyrenean newts an so on.

Nèfol and Cal Pesolet are adjacent to the north end of the park. From our rural cottage we are proud of spreading this fascinating natural richness and promoting respect towards nature. In this sense, the cottage expects to leave the lesser environmental footstep.